Archive: 10/01/2008

Sensing the Energy: Calibrating the LCLS

The Linac Coherent Light Source will generate X-rays 10 billion times brighter than any source before it. Being the first of its kind, the LCLS has presented engineers with a number of unique technical hurdles. ...

Oct 01, 2008
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The hybrid offensive

( -- Fraunhofer research engineers are busy converting a standard production gasoline-engine car into a hybrid. By doing so, they aim to demonstrate what hybrid technology can do, and prove that it can even be ...

Oct 01, 2008
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Writing patterns, logos and lettering in light

( -- Logos and lettering can be written in light using freeform lenses. But how does the surface of the lens have to be structured in order to focus the light in the shape of a specific pattern? ...

Oct 01, 2008
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