Archive: 09/01/2004

Logitech Unveils the World´s First Laser Mouse

Logitech the leading manufacturer of computer mice, today announced the Logitech® MX™1000 Laser Cordless Mouse, the world´s first mouse to use laser illumination and tracking. Combining laser with Logitech´s powerful MX pr ...

Sep 01, 2004
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Apple Shows All-Inside-Screen iMac Computer

What if you could fit your whole life — all your music, all your photos, all your movies, all your email — in a computer as fun and useful as an iPod? Now you can. Introducing the futuristic iMac G5 in 17- and 2 ...

Sep 01, 2004
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Copernic Offers New Desktop Search Tool

Copernic Technologies Inc. today announced Copernic Desktop Search™ (CDS™), “The Search Engine For Your PC ™.” Copernic™ has used the experience gained from over 30 million downloads of its Windows-based Web search ...

Sep 01, 2004
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