Archive: 08/01/2010

Missing Puma reveals cancer conundrum

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers in Melbourne, Australia, have made a discovery that has upended scientists' understanding of programmed cell death and its role in tumour formation.

Aug 01, 2010
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When women deny their own pregnancies

Whether the French woman who killed eight of her newborns suffered from a syndrome known as pregnancy denial may determine if she faces major prison time or intensive psychiatric care.

Aug 01, 2010
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Seven hours the magic number for sleep: study

People who sleep more or fewer than seven hours a day, including naps, are increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, a study published Sunday shows.

Aug 01, 2010
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Soaring e-book sales speak volumes

After years of lurking in the literary wilderness, the e-book market has exploded with online retailer's digital volumes recently overtaking sales of their hardcover counterparts.

Aug 01, 2010
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