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Droids on the ISS

Six years ago, MIT engineering Professor David Miller showed the movie Star Wars to his students on their first day of class. There's a scene Miller is particularly fond of, the one where Luke Skywalker spars ...

Jun 01, 2006
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Team lets there be leisurely light

Increasing interest has focused recently on ways of drastically slowing light or, more precisely, the speed of laser data pulses - and a joint USC/Duke University team has just reported improvements in a way to do this in ...

Jun 01, 2006
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AeA supports Net Neutrality

AeA, the nation's largest trade association of companies within the hi-tech industry, announced Thursday its support for Net Neutrality.

Jun 01, 2006
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Broadband Report: Bravo goes alternative

In the last two weeks the folks at Bravo have made some interesting moves with the launch of two brand new broadband sites,, which features one-hit wonder TV shows, and, designed for ...

Jun 01, 2006
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NTT DoCoMo expands i-mode to Hong Kong

A decade ago NTT DoCoMo was the mobile arm of Japan's single-biggest phone carrier, which dominated the domestic market that it more or less focused on exclusively. These days, the company continues to be one of the biggest ...

Jun 01, 2006
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Alarming decline of rhinos, tigers found

The World Wildlife Fund says it has discovered an alarming decline in Nepal's rhino and tiger populations in a former Maoist stronghold.

Jun 01, 2006
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Research studies risks of plastic chemical

U.S. researchers say a chemical used in plastic products such as baby bottles and microwave cookware permanently altered genes in newborn lab rats.

Jun 01, 2006
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Free radical cell death switch identified

U.S. scientists say they've found a molecular pathway that might cause stroke, diabetes, heart and neurodegenerative disease and even the aging process.

Jun 01, 2006
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Robotics: Taking soldiers out of harm's way

Over the past three years, thousands of American soldiers in Iraq have been horribly injured or killed by improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The explosives, placed near or buried under roadways and often ...

Jun 01, 2006
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Turning corn fiber into ethanol

Tony Pometto held up a laboratory flask swimming with little balls of mold. This, said the Iowa State University professor of food science and human nutrition, is the kind of fungus that Iowa State researchers have used to ...

Jun 01, 2006
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Chemists forge a new form of iron

An international team of chemists has discovered a new and unexpected form of iron, a finding that adds to the fundamental understanding of an element that is among the most abundant on Earth and that, in nature, ...

Jun 01, 2006
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The case of the neutron star with a wayward wake

A long observation with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed important new details of a neutron star that is spewing out a wake of high-energy particles as it races through space. The deduced location ...

Jun 01, 2006
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