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Floating Films on Liquid Mercury

New results may lead to advances in nanotechnology, molecular electronics Scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory, Bar-Ilan University, and Harvard University have grown ultrathin films of organic chain molecules on ...

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Leaner, Meaner Chip Card Package

Infineon Technologies AG and Giesecke & Devrient GmbH (G&D) have jointly developed an innovative production method for chip packages specifically for use in chip card applications. The FCOS (Flip Chip On Substrate) method ...

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Experimental radar provides 3-D forest view

An advanced radar technique to image forests in three dimensions has undergone an ESA-backed test campaign in Indonesia. A future space-based version could measure global biomass to sharpen the accuracy of ...

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Physicists discover temperature key to avalanche movement

100 years after Einstein's landmark work on Brownian motion, physicists have discovered a new concept of temperature that could be the key to explaining how ice and snow particles flow during an avalanche, and could lead ...

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Please, do disturb

Scientists discover how noise maintains entire marine ecosystems Noise is usually nothing more than a disturbance, but sometimes it can be useful. Researchers have discovered that noise could bring order to chaotic syst ...

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