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Power amplifiers for 5G made of gallium nitride

The wireless data transmission via mobile communication is reliable and affordable. However, data volume per user is rising exponentially. Causes are not only the continuously growing number of smartphones, but also trends ...

dateAug 01, 2016 in Semiconductors
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First semi-transparent perovskite modules

Nanoelectronics research center imec, partner in Solliance, presented today the first-ever semi-transparent perovskite PV-module, achieving power conversion efficiencies up to 12%. The technology enables for semi-transparent ...

dateMay 25, 2016 in Semiconductors
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Researchers produce industry's first 7nm node test chips

An alliance led by IBM Research today announced that it has produced the semiconductor industry's first 7nm (nanometer) node test chips with functioning transistors. The breakthrough, accomplished in partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES ...

Moore's Law is 50 years old but will it continue?

It's been 50 years since Gordon Moore, one of the founders of the microprocessor company Intel, gave us Moore's Law. This says that the complexity of computer chips ought to double roughly every two years.

Skyscraper-style chip design boosts performance 1,000-fold

For decades, engineers have designed computer systems with processors and memory chips laid out like single-story structures in a suburb. Wires connect these chips like streets, carrying digital traffic between the processors ...

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