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Semiconductors news

Breakthrough results on directed self-assembly reported

At next week's SPIE advanced lithography conference, to be held in San Jose, Calif., Feb. 22-26, imec will present breakthrough results on Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) process development. Together with semiconductor ...

Samsung offers new ePoP memory for smartphones

( —High-end smartphones to come, if they could talk, would deliver a message to Samsung, relaying thanks for the memory. Samsung Electronics has announced they are mass-producing an "embedded package ...

Nikola Labs phone case harvests back wasted energy
Tiny silicone spheres come out of the mist
UW mapping app turns art into a sharable walking route
What drives the evolution of bird nest structures?
Psychologists aim to help Dr Google
Fat Ireland forecasts no surprise to obesity experts
Age matters in health messages
Sea lion strandings: The view from the rookery
Plant toxin causes biliary atresia in animal model
Supercycles in subduction zones

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