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More cycling with e-bikes

According to a new study, electric bikes make people cycle longer and more often. The effect is best on women.

dateMay 20, 2015 in Other
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Heavier, pricier vehicles are safer, research finds

When it comes to vehicle safety, car buyers get what they pay for. That's the finding of University at Buffalo research presented today, May 14, at the annual meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency ...

dateMay 15, 2015 in Other
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ACT to expand computer-based testing

ACT test takers take note: The No. 2 pencil is losing its cachet. Greater numbers of high school students will be able to take the college entrance exam on a computer next year.

dateMay 08, 2015 in Other
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A Google for handwriting

To be able to use computers to analyse and search handwritten texts would revolutionise research in the humanities. And the technology to digitise printed books and make them searchable already exists.

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