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Gates working on Personal Agent project with Microsoft

"Hi, Reddit. I'm Bill Gates..." Like Elon Musk, like Larry Ellison, like Larry Page, certain names draw immense numbers wanting to know what's on their mind, from barbecue-sauce tastes to actual work. A five-line ...

Spotify deals with random shuffle and we mortals

New research signals big future for quantum radar

'Bright spot' on Ceres has dimmer companion

New insight found in black hole collisions

Artificial intelligence future wows Davos elite

From the robot that washes your clothes to the robot that marks homework: the future world of artificial intelligence wowed the Davos elite Thursday, but the rosy picture came with a warning.

Cats put sight over smell in finding food

Smart bottles make use of printed sensor tags

The building blocks of the future defy logic

Thinking of God makes people bigger risk-takers

Bring on driverless cars

Imagine no more gridlock, road rage and drunk driving—and 90 percent fewer car accidents. You could well be able to sit back and enjoy the ride sooner than you think, according to the engineers who are ...

What is Mars made of?

Bumblebees make false memories too

Intermediary neuron acts as synaptic cloaking device

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