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Storing solar energy

A research project conducted by Leclanché S.A., the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), Romande Energie and with the financial support of the Canton of Vaud could bring a real added value in ...

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Research brings to light businesses' energy use

According to Oxford University researchers, many retailers, including those with smart meters, are not actively 'managing' how much energy they use and are paying larger energy bills than they need to. Under ...

A nucleotide change could initiate fragile X syndrome

NASA radar system surveys Napa Valley quake area

Making an e-bike out of a bicycle with conversion kit

Some people like the idea of a plain bicycle, the way it requires the body to pedal naturally, with its return on investment being good health and fitness. But wait a minute. Electric bike riders prefer their ...

Qnovo finds way to speed up smartphone charging

No small setback: Those moments when your smartphone does not look smart at all, telling you it is about to die while you are in the middle of somewhere, looking for an outlet, dreading the waiting time it ...

Rising gas prices make renewables a sure bet

New analysis by UNSW suggests that renewable investment is likely to be cheaper and lower risk for Australia, since rising and uncertain gas prices make baseload gas-fired electricity high risk and high cost.

The Edwardians were also fans of brain training

Neurons in human skin perform advanced calculations

Intricate algae produce low-cost biosensors

Sony wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest

More energy from biofuel

Oil produced from biomass - such as wood chips or plant residues - seldom has the same quality and energy content as 'classical' crude oil. A new, simple catalyst, developed at the University of Twente, improves ...

Going to extremes for enzymes

Thailand totters towards waste crisis

Biventricular pacing disappoints in BIOPACE trial 

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