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Turning bio-waste into hydrogen

Whilst hydrogen cars look set to be the next big thing in an increasingly carbon footprint-aware society, sustainable methods to produce hydrogen are still in their early stages. The HYTIME project is working on a novel production ...

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Securing energy independence in the EU

Technology will have an important role to play in helping to secure EU energy independence. According to Dominique Ristori, Directorate General for Energy, technologies are now maturing for a real energy ...

More energy from a liter of biofuel

Oil produced from biomass - such as wood chips or plant residues - seldom has the same quality and energy content as 'classical' crude oil. A new, simple catalyst, developed at the University of Twente, improves ...

Germany most energy efficient nation

Germany is the world's most energy efficient nation with strong codes on buildings while China is quickly stepping up its own efforts, an environmental group said Thursday.

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Fuel cells for powering homes

One of the applications that fuel cells may have is the supplying of homes with electrical power. When considering applications of this type that call for greater power, a research group in the UPV/EHU's Department of Mineralogy ...

The future's most pressing energy questions

Top researchers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and policymakers from Massachusetts and Switzerland convened at Northeastern University on Friday for an energy summit, where participants discussed innovations and ...

Researcher seeks upgrades for cleaner oilsands

We live in a province rich in fossil fuel resources, and great profits can be made from them. However, the use of these fossil fuels comes at a significant environmental cost. The greenhouse gas emissions ...

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