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Power to the batteries

Better solar panels and wind turbines are important to helping ensure a low-carbon future. But they are not enough. The energy from these intermittent sources must be stored, managed, converted and accessed ...

dateMay 22, 2015 in Energy & Green Tech
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Smart transportation model can save 200 million euros

The Netherlands spend 1 billion euros a year on target group transportation. This type of transportation is meant for those people who are unable to make use of own means of transportation or regular public ...

Shifting winds: An early warning for reduced energy

The Rocky Mountains certainly aren't known for their mild winters. But in contrast to the upper Midwest, which seems to exist in a perpetually frozen state from November through March, the plains just east ...

Sustainability of the built environment

In times of limited resources and continued evidence of significant climate change, sustainability is increasingly regarded as a topic of global importance. Consider areas such as design, energy, and materials: ...

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