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Fuel cells for powering homes

One of the applications that fuel cells may have is the supplying of homes with electrical power. When considering applications of this type that call for greater power, a research group in the UPV/EHU's Department of Mineralogy ...

The future's most pressing energy questions

Top researchers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and policymakers from Massachusetts and Switzerland convened at Northeastern University on Friday for an energy summit, where participants discussed innovations and ...

Researcher seeks upgrades for cleaner oilsands

We live in a province rich in fossil fuel resources, and great profits can be made from them. However, the use of these fossil fuels comes at a significant environmental cost. The greenhouse gas emissions ...

Lenovo's smart glasses prototype has battery at neck

Google searches hold key to future market crashes

Optimal building management through centralization

Desigo CC is making building management much easier and convenient. Desigo CC is the world's first management station to combine all of the adjustable building systems into a single control station. The station ...

Chinese officials will buy more electric cars

At least 30 percent of newly purchased government cars will be electric and other types of "new energy vehicles," China's official news agency reported Sunday, as the country attempts to tackle air pollution and encourage ...

Getting a charge out of water droplets

Last year, MIT researchers discovered that when water droplets spontaneously jump away from superhydrophobic surfaces during condensation, they can gain electric charge in the process. Now, the same team has demonstrated that ...

Why the renewable target should be ramped up, not cut

It's hard to predict which of Australia's climate policies will survive, or perhaps even thrive, in the current parliament. But our research suggests that if the Abbott government wants to cut long-term power ...

Gender disparities in cognition will not diminish

Facial features are the key to first impressions

Cell's recycling center implicated in division decisions

Vietnam's taste for cat leaves pets in peril

Aviation offers a way forward in biofuels research

( —Biofuels researchers are increasingly thinking about how the energy market is changing, which challenges them to balance the basic science of new fuels with a more holistic view of the most ...

Human brain has coping mechanism for dehydration

Low yield for repeat colonoscopy in some patients

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