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Wearable tech 2.0 aims to alter mind, body

Grandmothers are wearing Fitbit, Jawbone bracelets pack the shelves of big-box stores and Apple's smartwatch is expected to be one of the most coveted Christmas gifts this year.

Philips Hue and Apple's HomeKit to be house mates

Philips has announced that its Hue intelligent lighting system will be compatible with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform later this year. The lights will be able to be controlled from that smart-home pl ...

Microsoft beefs up Xbox ahead of major E3 event

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled an Xbox One console with double the memory space that will hit the market as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) video game extravaganza gets under way next week.

Synaptics aims to enrich PC keyboard with SmartBar

SmartBar technology—What do you think of, in technology context, when you hear the word SmartBar? For one, you might at least guess this is something for desktop PCs—you're right. You might also assume ...

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Polymer mold makes perfect silicon nanostructures
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Making waves with groundbreaking brain research
Hubble view: Wolf-Rayet stars, intense and short-lived
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Lady, you're on the money
Light echo helps researchers map out parts of galaxy

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