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Soundhawk brings out system for smarter listening

On Tuesday, Cupertino, California-based Soundhawk announced they were unveiling their Smart Listening System and taking pre-orders. The set allows the user to make the most of sounds in everyday living, letting ...

Monitoring the rise and fall of the microbiome

Hoverbike drone project for air transport takes off

New approach to form non-equilibrium structures

Review: Colors come to life in new Samsung tablet

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S tablet looks different. As soon as I turned on the screen, I noticed that the colors are stunning and vivid. Red looks redder, and greens are greener. The lawn and the trees in ...

Mozilla on media stick: We don't make devices

Is there a Firefox OS-powered streaming stick in the wings? Is Mozilla thinking about introducing a Chromecast-like media streaming device, really? If so, how soon until it's ready? Those are questions that ...

Review: Amazon phone unlikely to catch Fire

In announcing Fire, its first-ever smartphone, Amazon showed off some sparks of innovation. There are two standout features in particular: a service called Firefly that can identify everything from a song ...

Brain's dynamic duel underlies win-win choices

'Shocking' underground water loss in US drought

Nike krypton laser achieves spot in Guinness World Records

Atomic structure of key muscle component revealed

Shift work linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes

Smarter than a first-grader?

Researchers find new mechanism for neurodegeneration

Review: Padfone X combines tablet, smartphone

Most of my friends who own iPads also own iPhones. Apple bet that users would find enough differences between those devices that consumers would want both - and Apple was right.

Review: Amazon phone watches you watch it

Amazon set out to do something different with the unveiling of its first smartphone Wednesday. How about a completely new way of interacting with your phone, for starters?

Satellite galaxies put astronomers in a spin

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