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Quantum dot TVs are unveiled at China tech expo

At this month's China Information Technology Expo (CITE) event, a headline-maker was the launch of quantum dot televisions, by QD Vision and Konka, the consumer electronics company. QD Vision's calling card in this instance ...

Throw-and-go Lily captures actions, to ship February

Lily Robotics, based in Menlo Park, California, on Tuesday unveiled the Lily throw-and-shoot camera. Lily can start following you and record video as soon as you throw it in the air. Its makers say it can shoot "stunning" ...

GoSun solar grill offers a greener way to barbecue

A group led by inventor Patrick Sherwin has posted a Kickstarter project named GoSun Grill, it uses sunlight to charge a thermal battery which in turn is used to cook food inside a glass vacuum tube. The difference between ...

Google big Android Wear update adds functions, fun

Android Wear's Monday announcement of new features is drawing many compliments from those watching out for what's next in making a smartwatch purchase. The new attractions include the lightness of wearing a smart watch without ...

Smart bottles make use of printed sensor tags

You're looking at a commercial future where vendors will seek to leverage new technologies to track customer behavior, buying patterns, user patterns and to send out information realtime, up close, personal, as never before ...

Corning plans to light Phire on display covers

( —Scratches on the smartphone display cover and phone drops on the pavement are two dreaded events that put a damper on any pleasure that comes from owning a sleek, feature-rich phone. The word "Gorilla" was a ...

Panasonic will release spherical air blower

A spherical air blower that is 25cm in diameter has a double role of air circulator and fan, and it's from Panasonic. Say hello to Q. Ikutaro Kojima in Nikkei Technology said it blows out about seven times as much air as ...

Vibration pen is designed for people with Parkinson's

A woman appears in a video about a very special pen, the ARC, specifically designed for people with Parkinson's living with micrographia. Diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2013, the woman says that, over time, her writing changed. ...

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