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Nest Labs disables feature on smoke alarms

The high-tech home monitoring device company Nest Labs is disabling a feature on its smoke alarms due to the risk that owners could unintentionally turn off the device with the wave of a hand.

Making graphene in your kitchen

Alternative input methods for smart phones

Alternative input methods for smart phones, such as Swype and SwiftKey, offer substantial benefits to users and are comparable with common typing speeds found on computer keyboards, according to a report published by researchers ...

Cancer stem cells linked to drug resistance

Easter morning delivery for space station

Less-schooled whites lose longevity, study finds

Low tolerance for pain? The reason may be in your genes

How to keep your fitness goals on track

Growing app industry has developers racing to keep up

AMA examines economic impact of physicians

Review: Updated HTC One phone worth considering

The HTC One might be the best smartphone you never heard of. The phone won critical acclaim last year, yet it barely made a dent in the marketplace. It's overshadowed by Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy ...

Hackers of Oman news agency target Bouteflika

UAE reports 12 new cases of MERS

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