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Are you a nomophobe?

If you're wondering how to respond to that question, an Iowa State University study can help you find the answer. ISU researchers have developed a questionnaire to help you determine if you suffer from nomophobia or a fear ...

dateAug 27, 2015 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Google Glass is closing in on work environments

With all the Google-related headlines focused on Chrome, maps and self-driving cars, memories of Google Glass as poised to become the next big thing for consumers at large have faded, until this week, when Google Glass has ...

LG Display plans heavy investment in OLED plant

Apple's iPhone displays are linked to the South Korean company LG Display in a news report. The Telegraph said that LG Display has invested heavily in a flexible-screen production line.

Moov Now wearable helps you move to higher levels

What if you are serious about a level-building sport? What if your resolve goes far beyond mind-clearing walks to burn off one too many snacks? What if you could improve the chosen sport with a personal trainer by your side, ...

Philips Hue and Apple's HomeKit to be house mates

Philips has announced that its Hue intelligent lighting system will be compatible with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform later this year. The lights will be able to be controlled from that smart-home platform. "Your existing ...

Synaptics aims to enrich PC keyboard with SmartBar

SmartBar technology—What do you think of, in technology context, when you hear the word SmartBar? For one, you might at least guess this is something for desktop PCs—you're right. You might also assume it has something ...

In the UK, bPay offers fob, band or sticker options

Method of payment: "Cash or credit?" The two options sound so yesterday. In the UK, technology support in banking offers a new type of menu—band on the wrist, fob or sticker. The three new devices from UK Barclaycard were ...

Smartwatches open new hacking risk
Apple may deliver ways to rev up the iPad, report says
Quantum dot TVs are unveiled at China tech expo
Finger gestures will tell your smartwatch what to do
Throw-and-go Lily captures actions, to ship February
GoSun solar grill offers a greener way to barbecue
Google big Android Wear update adds functions, fun
Smart bottles make use of printed sensor tags
Corning plans to light Phire on display covers
Panasonic will release spherical air blower
Vibration pen is designed for people with Parkinson's

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