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New interactive method synchronizes multiple videos

Disney Research Zurich has developed a new tool to help video editors synchronize multiple video clips based on the visual content of the videos, rather than relying on timecodes or other external markers. Current editing ...

Tropical Storm Dolly forms, threatens Mexico

Time to take notice and tackle heart failure

Throwing a loop to silence gene expression

Scientists make diseased cells synthesize their own drug

Analysis team drills down on social networks

Whether a teacher is posting a link for a colleague or a pet owner is sending her sister a photo of her sleeping dog, everything is of consequence for a newer breed of social network analysts who are trying ...

Berkeley team explores sound for indoor localization

The global positioning system, or GPS, has its limitations—namely, it cannot work indoors. Potential solutions for indoor positioning continue to fire up the imaginations of scientists. The latest news ...

Extinctions during human era worse than thought

Giant garbage patches help redefine ocean boundaries

Research shows seven-year-olds can think strategically

Research helps identify memory molecules

Netflix unveils new way to share recommendations

Modern population boom traced to pre-industrial roots

Famous Feynman lectures put online with free access

Researcher looks at the future of higher education

Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly

How to secure the cloud

For many of us, the primary reason we use "the cloud" is for storage—whether it's storing email through services like Gmail and Yahoo!, photos on Flickr, or personal documents on Dropbox. Many organizations ...

Taking great ideas from the lab to the fab

A "valley of death" is well-known to entrepreneurs—the lull between government funding for research and industry support for prototypes and products. To confront this problem, in 2013 the National Science ...

Now we know why it's so hard to deceive children

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