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A 'Flickr-ing' view of the world, in 4-D

Imagine a version of Google Street View where you could hit the rewind button and see any point in time over the last five years. Cornell researchers are building something like that, at least for a few much-visited ...

Feb 13, 2015
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Students aim to enhance crypto-currency transparency

Students at Trinity College Dublin are "looking under the Bitcoin bonnet" in an attempt to make the crypto-currency more transparent. Increasing the transparency should reduce the risk of fraud while maintaining sufficient ...

The origins of polarized nervous systems

Study shows one reason why pigeons so rarely crash

Giant virus revealed in 3-D using X-ray laser

Moving big data faster, by orders of magnitude

In today's high-productivity computing environments that process dizzying amounts of data each millisecond, a research project named for "a trillion events per day" may seem relatively ordinary.

Massive chip design savings to be realized

IT researchers working at the University of Twente have developed a programming language making the massive costs associated with designing hardware more manageable. Chip manufacturers have been using the ...

Phone firms and the quest for the 5G Holy Grail

Why seashells' mineral forms differently in seawater

OSIRIS catches glimpse of Rosetta's shadow

Combined Arctic ice observations show decades of loss

Study shows who benefits most from statins

A new level of earthquake understanding

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