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India fines ex-IT firm chief over 'India's Enron'

India's equity market regulator has slapped multi-million dollar fines on the former chief of outsourcing giant Satyam and his aides for manipulating the firm's shares in a scandal dubbed "India's Enron".

Apple-IBM deal weighs on BlackBerry shares

(AP)—BlackBerry shares dropped Wednesday after details emerged of a partnership between two of the world's biggest technology companies—Apple and IBM—aimed at business customers.

Fermi finds a 'transformer' pulsar

Creating optical cables out of thin air

Study reveals nervous system's role in asthma attacks

Company gets new name after protests by Hawaiians

(AP)—A company aiming to provide easier access to sexually transmitted disease test results and other medical records has found a new name after facing protests by Native Hawaiians for using the word hula.

Fed says some tech firms overvalued

The Federal Reserve on Tuesday warned that some high-flying technology firms may be overvalued, but rejected the idea of a stock market bubble.

Has Antarctic sea ice expansion been overestimated?

Boosting the force of empty space

'Comb on a chip' powers new atomic clock design

A new multi-bit 'spin' for MRAM storage

How Google and friends aim to block patent trolls

Google, Canon and other information technology corporations last week announced they're banding together in an attempt to fix an allegedly broken patent system and squash the wave of patent trolls and privateers ...

Bats use polarized light to navigate

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