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'Spotlight News' is a concept we included in our browsing feature to display the most interesting and gripping stories we cover each day. 'Spotlight News' stories are selected using an artificial intelligence system which takes into account editor's rating, reader's popularity and subject matter popularity. Readers may access 'Spotlight News' on the home page by selecting 'Spotlight News'. This feature will display 'Spotlight News' for all subject categories. publishes around 100 stories per day. 'Spotlight News' represents content we have chosen to feature among the 100 stories we publish on a daily basis.'s 'Spotlight News' Explained

When you browse pages, you will see that some of our stories are selected for 'Spotlight News Stories'. Readers have asked about what exactly these 'Spotlight Stories' are and how we select articles to be featured in the Spotlight.

'Spotlight News Stories' feature the most interesting and gripping stories that appeal to the majority of our readers. They are chosen by an artificial intelligence system that takes into account several factors like editor's rating, reader's popularity and subject matter popularity.

It is practially impossible for us to fit all 100 daily articles on the home page and not every reader wants to browse through all of them. That is why home page features 'Spotlight News Stories'. Stories that have not been chosen for the Spotlight can be only partially visible on the home page 'Other News' column.

You can access a separate page that features only 'Spotlight News Stories here. This page is handy for readers who don't like to dig for stories and don't mind a little assistance in getting their news.

All 'Other News', stories that are not included into Spotlight, can be accessed here. Readers with a particular interest may dig deeper by browsing all content on