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Life-like robots soon to be reality

Life-like robots that can make decisions, adapt to their environment and learn, are one step closer thanks to a University of Bristol team who has demonstrated a new way of embedding computation into soft robotic materials. ...

A psychological approach to human-automation interaction

It's called the uncanny valley. Those who are fans of the HBO show "Westworld" or who have seen the movie "Ex Machina" may already be familiar with the phenomenon. But for those who are not, it's essentially the idea that ...

How robots are being inspired by insects

Modern societies rely on robotics technology to conduct a huge range of functions vital to the smooth running of industrial manufacturing systems, as well as to other sectors like construction, healthcare and transport.

A promising step in returning bipedal mobility

Engineers at Caltech have launched a new research initiative aimed at restoring natural and stable locomotion to individuals with walking deficiencies that result from spinal cord injuries and strokes.

Solving a Rubik's Cube with a dexterous hand

In recent years, a growing number of researchers have explored the use of robotic arms or dexterous hands to solve a variety of everyday tasks. While many of them have successfully tackled simple tasks, such as grasping or ...

Engineers show off Astro the robot dog

What would you get if you combined Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa with Boston Dynamic's quadraped robots? You'd get "Astro," the four-legged seeing and hearing intelligent robodog.

Drones sensing by a whisker

A University of Queensland engineer has followed nature's example and developed whiskers for drones and robots, allowing machines to sense surroundings just as animals do.

Playing god: Japan temple puts faith in robot priest

A 400-year-old temple in Japan is attempting to hot-wire interest in Buddhism with a robotic priest it believes will change the face of the religion—despite critics comparing the android to "Frankenstein's monster."

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