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AI untangles one of biology's great challenges

For decades scientists have been trying to figure out how to swiftly predict the twisting, tangled shape of proteins—and from there unravel a greater understanding of the machinery of life itself.

Opening the 'black box' of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is growing ever more powerful and entering people's daily lives, yet often we don't know what goes on inside these systems. Their non-transparency could fuel practical problems, or even racism, which ...

Synthetic data sets set new standard in energy systems research

,A decent maxim for systems engineering would be "there is no substitute for the real thing"—there is nothing like testing a new device or idea on a real system, at absolute fidelity. But for obvious reasons, this is not ...

Creative coding in design

In the recently completed project Residence X, the researchers involved wanted to investigate opportunities in clothing and fashion design to use creative coding.

Teaching computers the meaning of sensor names in smart homes

The UPV/EHU's IXA group has use natural language processing techniques to overcome one of the major difficulties associated with smart homes, namely that the systems developed to infer activities in one environment do not ...

Accurate and efficient 3-D motion tracking using deep learning

A new sensing method has made tracking movement easier and more efficient. A research group from Tohoku University has captured dexterous 3-D motion data from a flexible magnetic flux sensor array, using deep learning and ...

AI system finds, moves items in constricted regions

Artificial intelligence is being applied to virtually every aspect of our work and recreational lives. From determining calculations for the construction of towering skyscrapers to designing and building cruise ships the ...

'Rules as Code' will let computers apply laws and regulations

Can computers read and apply legal rules? It's an idea that's gaining momentum, as it promises to make laws more accessible to the public and easier to follow. But it raises a host of legal, technical and ethical questions.

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