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Five reasons experts think autonomous cars are many years away

In the world of autonomous vehicles, Pittsburgh, Phoenix and Silicon Valley are bustling hubs of development and testing. But ask those involved in self-driving vehicles when we might actually see them carrying passengers ...

Future hypersonics could be artificially intelligent

A test launch for a hypersonic weapon—a long-range missile that flies a mile per second and faster—takes weeks of planning. So, while the U.S. and other states are racing to deploy hypersonic technologies, it remains ...

Flying cars: Automating the skies means playing with our lives

Recent research suggests that flying cars could eventually be a sustainable way to free up roads. The first models are set to hit our skies in 2019 as personal playthings, while industry sees them as taxis and commuter vehicles ...

Hey Siri! Why are food retailers so slow to embrace technology?

Your own voice will likely become the most significant focus for food retailers and restaurants over the next little while. Voice searches are increasingly becoming the norm. A recent study suggests that more than 50 per ...

A user's guide to self-driving cars

You may remember the cute Google self-driving car. In 2014, the tech giant announced their brand-new prototype of what the future of transportation might one day look like. If you wish you could drive one today, you are out ...

Researchers quantify the impact of autonomous vehicles on traffic

Researchers of the UWICORE laboratory, of the Department of Communications Engineering and the I3E Engineering Research Centre of the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche, have proven that the coexistence between autonomous ...

Two-armed 3-D printing

Twin robotic arms work together as part of a project to construct what will be the largest, most complex object ever 3-D printed in titanium: a test version of the 3-m diameter 'optic bench' at the heart of ESA's Athena X-ray ...

Are we on the right road to driverless cars?

There is much ongoing research into autonomous road vehicles and experimental cars and heavy-goods vehicles have already hit the roads. A paper published in the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management ...

Virtual tests for autonomous driving systems

Sensors in autonomous vehicles have to be extremely reliable, since in the future motorists will no longer constantly monitor traffic while underway. In the past these sensors were subjected to arduous road tests. The new ...

Five things to consider before speed limiters are added to cars

The recent announcement that EU rules for fitting speed limiters to new cars from 2022 will be adopted by the UK was welcomed by many, including the European Transport Safety Council, as a move that will save lives. However, ...

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