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Redefining safety for self-driving cars

In early November, a self-driving shuttle and a delivery truck collided in Las Vegas. The event, in which no one was injured and no property was seriously damaged, attracted media and public attention in part because one ...

dateNov 28, 2017 in Hi Tech & Innovation
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Gov't won't pursue talking car mandate

The Trump administration has quietly set aside plans to require new cars to be able to wirelessly talk to each other, auto industry officials said, jeopardizing one of the most promising technologies for preventing traffic ...

dateNov 01, 2017 in Hi Tech & Innovation
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Autonomous cars head for the Big Apple

Autonomous vehicles are already navigating the verdant hills of Pittsburgh and cruising the pitched avenues of San Francisco. They may soon be tested by the chaos of downtown Manhattan, where pedestrians, taxis, buses and ...

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