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3-D printed food could change how we eat

Imagine a home appliance that, at the push of a button, turns powdered ingredients into food that meets the individual nutrition requirements of each household member. Although it may seem like something from science fiction, ...

dateApr 24, 2018 in Engineering
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New invention revolutionizes exoskeletons

Aalborg researchers have developed a new type of mechanical joint that can support shoulders and hips smarter than ever before. The joint which is compact enough to be worn hidden under clothing, has already won international ...

dateApr 24, 2018 in Engineering
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Engineer invents one-of-a-kind surf rover machine

For his first job during college, William Dally worked in what he calls the surf zone—the area from the shoreline up to an ocean depth of 25 feet—placing rods to gather scientific data. Battered by the waves, the then ...

dateApr 24, 2018 in Engineering
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Optical path recognition made audible

Students of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed an image recognition algorithm that identifies obstacles and recognizes free pathways. Based on this, the iXpoint software company has now developed the Camassia ...

dateApr 20, 2018 in Engineering
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Using tooth sensors to detect disease

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the School of Engineering & Applied Science is redefining the notion of a wisdom tooth.

dateApr 19, 2018 in Engineering
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Your next pilot could be drone software

Would you get on a plane that didn't have a human pilot in the cockpit? Half of air travelers surveyed in 2017 said they would not, even if the ticket was cheaper. Modern pilots do such a good job that almost any air accident ...

dateApr 19, 2018 in Engineering
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Technique strengthens buildings using wood waste

Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have found an innovative and environmental-friendly technique to enhance building structures. The new method, which incorporates biochar recycled from saw dust into ...

Smart home dashboard to better visualize energy usage

Duke's Smart Home generates a lot of data about its energy usage, but no one understands what it means—yet. To make sense of it all, an interdisciplinary team of students is developing a visualization dashboard that will ...

Cycling motion keeps hydrofoils upright during flight

When you're about to fall when riding your bike, you steer into the direction of the fall without even realising it. This correction can be explained using the principles of physics; your supports, i.e. the wheels, remain ...

Shedding new light on laser additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM, also known as 3-D printing) allows us to create incredibly complex shapes, which would not be possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. However, objects created using AM have different ...

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