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VW, Ford team up to make autonomous, electric vehicles

Volkswagen will invest $2.6 billion into a Pittsburgh autonomous vehicle company that's mostly owned by Ford as the automakers who were once rivals deepen their partnership to develop driverless and electric vehicles in an ...

Daimler slashes 2019 profit forecast after Q2 loss

German auto giant Daimler, maker of Mercedes-Benz, on Friday slashed its 2019 profit forecast for the second time in a few weeks, after booking a 1.6-billion-euro ($1.8-billion) operating loss in the second quarter.

Ford, VW to broaden global alliance

Ford and Volkswagen plan to unveil a broader global alliance on Friday that will focus on developing autonomous technology and electric vehicles.

Harley-Davidson's electric Hog: 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds

Harley-Davidson is releasing details about the electric motorcycle it's rolling out this year that it hopes will capture the imagination of a new generation of riders and put a charge into its diminishing sales.

Feds: Truck driver likely caused self-driving shuttle crash

A collision between an experimental self-driving shuttle and a semi in downtown Las Vegas was probably the truck driver's fault, but the shuttle operator didn't have quick access to a controller that could have honked the ...

Choking India gets first fully-fledged electric car

Motorists in India, home to some of the world's most polluted cities, can now buy a fully-fledged electric car after Hyundai unveiled a model that can travel 452 kilometres (281 miles) on one charge.

Navigating the winding road toward driverless mobility

As we all watch automakers and autonomous tech companies team up in various alliances, it's natural to wonder about their significance and what the future will bring. Are we realizing that autonomous driving technology and ...

Jaguar Land Rover set to build electric cars in UK

Car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has decided to produce a range of electric vehicles at its central England factory, it announced Friday, securing thousands of jobs in a major boost to post-Brexit Britain.

Edmunds weighs pros and cons of in-car personal assistants

In the near future, get ready to do a lot more talking to your car. Smartphone personal assistants, such as Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Assistant, can be used for a variety of tasks. And thanks to greater availability ...

US auto industry legend Lee Iacocca dies age 94

Automobile industry legend Lee Iaococca, who is credited with creating the iconic Ford Mustang and saving Chrysler from bankruptcy, died Tuesday at the age of 94, US media reported.

Tesla's car deliveries rebound, but challenges still abound

Tesla delivered more electric cars in the second quarter than any three-month period in its history, alleviating concerns that demand is waning for its stylish vehicles as tax incentives in its main U.S. market begin to phase ...

VW trucks division Traton coasts on stock market launch

German auto giant Volkswagen offered part of its heavy trucks division Traton on the stock market Friday as it looks to raise fresh capital, in what could be the first step towards reshaping the sprawling 12-brand group.

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