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Newest Boeing 737 MAX makes first test flight (Update)

The newest version of Boeing's 737 MAX made its first test flight over Washington state on Friday, just months after the plane returned to service following a worldwide grounding after two fatal crashes.

Setting the airways for urban air mobility

Flying drones are doing great things today, from powerline inspection to security surveillance to precision agriculture (fertilizer and pesticide application).

Why we still don't have self-driving cars on the roads in 2021

Do you remember the time when self-driving cars were upon us? It was almost a decade ago when the Autonomous Vehicle division at Google (now Waymo) promised a world where people would be chauffeured around by self-driving ...

Startup Lordstown Motors says production still on track

Startup electric truck maker Lordstown Motors said Tuesday that it's still on track to begin production this fall despite a management shakeup this week and a warning just days earlier that it may not be in business a year ...

'Open Rotor' engine for sustainable aviation

To advance the goal of achieving environmentally sustainable aviation, the jet engine giants of the U.S. and France on Monday unveiled a joint vision that would significantly change both the look of airplane engines and how ...

Making sure ships, other marine craft find their way

Nearly everything in our daily lives—from the electronic gizmos we all use, to the coffee we drink and the bananas we eat—relies on shipping. Ships worldwide transport roughly 11 billion tons of goods annually, which ...

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