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Nissan faces $22 million fine for misreporting Ghosn pay

Nissan should be fined $22 million for filing documents that under-reported the compensation of former chief Carlos Ghosn, Japanese regulators recommended Tuesday, with troubled the firm saying it would not dispute the penalty.

EU opens subsidies for electric battery push

The EU's powerful anti-trust authority on Monday approved billions of euros in subsidies from seven member states as Europe seeks to make up lost ground in batteries.

The future is now: Flying car comes to Miami

If you grew up watching "The Jetsons," you may have thought that by the 21st century, we'd all have flying cars. It hasn't quite worked out that way, but that could be changing—if you have $599,000 and a pilot's license.

Pros and cons of outgoing car model vs. redesign

The end of the calendar year can be an exciting time for new-car buyers. Many vehicles have been redesigned and are packed with the latest technology. However, the outgoing models are still on dealer lots and likely to be ...

'Magic crystals' to enable the future of electric cars

CSIRO and Monash University's Matthew Hill will receive the Solomon Award tonight for developing "magic crystals" with dozens of applications from cleaning gases and liquids to mining and drug production.

BMW to build electric Mini in China

Luxury German carmaker BMW on Friday said it would build fully electric models of its Mini cars at a new plant in China, as it kicked off a joint venture with Chinese partner Great Wall Motor.

German court issues split rulings over VW diesel cheating

A German appeals court has ruled in several lawsuits against automaker Volkswagen, saying consumers who unknowingly bought cars with software installed to cheat diesel emissions tests deserve compensation but those who purchased ...

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