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Germany fines Bosch over 'dieselgate' role

German prosecutors said Thursday they had fined car parts supplier Bosch 90 million euros ($100 million) over its role supplying components in the "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal.

A step closer to decarbonising long-haul road transportation

Thanks to the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, efforts to promote the deployment of low-carbon alternative fuels (AFs) in transport have intensified in recent years. However, these technologies haven't yet ...

Improving engine performance and fuel efficiency

A study conducted in part at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) at the University of Saskatchewan suggests reformulating lubricating oils for internal combustion engines could significantly improve not only the life of the oil ...

Can you own an electric car without a home charger?

A popular selling point for electric vehicles is the notion that you never have to stop for gas. Your "gas station" is in your garage—simply plug in your vehicle to charge it overnight.

Electric cars: Current trends make for a shocking change

While vehicle manufacturers invest in research, authorities are working to improve charging infrastructure to support consumers' growing interest in the sector. The day when electric cars dominate the passenger transport ...

China auto sales slump continues in April

China car sales fell 14.6 percent in April, an official industry association said on Monday, extending a slump in a massive auto market that has long been a cash cow for the industry.

Expert discusses the traffic impacts of Uber, Lyft

When John Zimmer took a city planning course in college, he had an epiphany: We've built our communities entirely around cars. As a result, we have more traffic and pollution and fewer green spaces, sidewalks and parks. Determined ...

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