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En route to CEATEC: 17.3-inch 8K4K LCD module

In the old days, people were impressed if a screen image simply was not blurry. "Clear" was the supreme compliment. We know the rest. Technology advances have raised consumer expectations; a competitive vendor in electronics ...

dateOct 03, 2015 in Hardware weblog
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A VR Kit from Microsoft? May be budget-worthy contender

It's interesting what a simple cardboard box with a pair of lenses can do in drawing interest from techie sites worldwide. But then again we are in a VR-conscious marketplace and have already seen the news over Google Cardboard.

FLYBi: Take drone, add goggles and grab shots

FLYBi is a drone that comes with virtual reality goggles. You can get a personal view of the flight. The concept involves the drone, goggles and a remote-control wearable that looks like a watch. Using these components, one ...

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