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Wireless charging tech for metal case devices announced

Power up without plugging in—that has been the catchy slogan of Qualcomm's WiPower and now WiPower has reached a milestone: power up without plugging in even if the mobile device has a metal case. Qualcomm took center-stage ...

Sydney makes its mark with electronic paper traffic signs

Visionect, which is in the business of helping companies build electronic paper display products, announced that Sydney has launched e-paper traffic signs. The traffic signage integrates displays from US manufacturer E Ink ...

LG Display plans heavy investment in OLED plant

Apple's iPhone displays are linked to the South Korean company LG Display in a news report. The Telegraph said that LG Display has invested heavily in a flexible-screen production line.

Cellphones can steal data from 'air-gapped computers'

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Cyber Security Research Center have discovered that virtually any cellphone infected with a malicious code can use GSM phone frequencies to steal critical information ...

Google Glass is closing in on work environments

With all the Google-related headlines focused on Chrome, maps and self-driving cars, memories of Google Glass as poised to become the next big thing for consumers at large have faded, until this week, when Google Glass has ...

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