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Cellphones can steal data from 'air-gapped computers'

Researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Cyber Security Research Center have discovered that virtually any cellphone infected with a malicious code can use GSM phone frequencies to steal critical information ...

dateJul 28, 2015 in Security
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LG Display plans heavy investment in OLED plant

Apple's iPhone displays are linked to the South Korean company LG Display in a news report. The Telegraph said that LG Display has invested heavily in a flexible-screen production line.

Anticipation grows over Nokia news at upcoming LA event

Now sending Nokia what's-next watchers into a collective buzz: A story that Nokia is set to introduce a virtual reality product next week. Ina Fried in Re/code said the information came from sources "familiar with the company's ...

Google Glass is closing in on work environments

With all the Google-related headlines focused on Chrome, maps and self-driving cars, memories of Google Glass as poised to become the next big thing for consumers at large have faded, until this week, when Google Glass has ...

Plastic, sustainable and quick: Road idea seeks takeoff

The word "plastic" has a general—and rather unpopular—connotation of everything that is not green and not sustainable. (Plastics supporters point out that only 4 percent of the world's oil production is used for plastics ...

Do auto manufacturers realise dangers of networked motors?

While computers bring great benefits they come with drawbacks too – not least, as news stories reveal every day, the insecurity of often very private data connected to the public internet. Only now that computers are appearing ...

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