UC3M and BQ to carry out research into artificial intelligence applied to cell phone

February 14th, 2018
UC3M and BQ to carry out research into artificial intelligence applied to cell phone
AI logo. Credit: UC3M
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) and the Spanish company, BQ, have inaugurated the 'BQ Universidad de Carlos III Chair', aimed at research into Artificial Intelligence and the Automatic Learning in mobile devices. The advances could be used in fields such as medicine, photography and business.

Their principal lines of work are related to the application of Artificial Intelligence to the camera system. "Its potential is enormous because of the possibilities offered in fields such as in medicine (research into pathologies through the search for visual patterns, for example) or security (such as mechanisms based on facial biometrics)," explained the researchers from the UC3M Applied Artificial Intelligence Group (GIAA). "They will also have an impact on photographic quality. For example, the cell phone will be capable of recognizing what it is viewing and improve the photograph in function of its content."

In these projects and studies the Chair will work in conjunction with a team of expert engineers on the development of a camera from BQ and UC3M GIAA researchers. In addition, the Chair will foment the education and training of students, offer scholarships and grants and promote development of master's and doctoral programs related to Artificial Intelligence.

"As a Spanish company, we are committed to the scientific and technological advancement of our society, and the university is one of the principal motors for change. Our objective is to foment research and technological innovation and foster exchange of knowledge between business and academia", remarked the assistant general manager of BQ, Rodrigo del Prado.

In attendance at the inaugural event on the UC3M Colmenarejo Campus were Rodrigo del Prado (Assistant General Manager of BQ) and Ravin Dhalani (Chief Technology Officer de BQ). From UC3M participating were the vice-rector of Science Policy, Javier Prieto; the assistant vice-rector from the Colmenarejo Campus, María del Sol Herraiz; the head of the Computer Science department on the Colmenarejo campus, Belen Ruiz and the GIAA researchers, Antonio Berlanga, José Manuel Molina and Miguel Ángel Patricio.

Provided by Carlos III University of Madrid

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