Two INRS professors elected to the Global Young Academy

March 12th, 2014
Federico Rosei, director of Centre Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications at INRS, is proud to announce that two members of the centre's academic staff, François Légaré and Fiorenzo Vetrone, have been elected to the Global Young Academy (GYA). This prestigious Berlin-based academy was created in 2010 and is made up of 155 young researchers from all six continents.

"François et Fiorenzo are already top-notch researchers in ultrafast laser science and in nanoscience imaging, two fields that hold out great promise for society and tremendous potential in medicine. The admission of these two young researchers to the GYA attests not only to their talent, but also their knack for sharing their passion for science," said Professor Rosei, who joined this select club in 2013.

Over the next four years, the two new members of the GYA will be called on to promote contact and collaboration among young scientists and contribute to the conversation on research and its impact on society.

Professors Légaré and Vetrone are invited to attend the academy's next annual meeting in Chile in May 2014.

Congratulations to these two rising stars on a trajectory of excellence!

Provided by INRS

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