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Telecom news

Space IoT takes off

We know that current networks are not equipped to deal with the Internet of Things and the exponential growth in connected devices it entails. Whilst Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies will be crucial to cope with future ...

dateJul 10, 2018 in Telecom
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Moving toward fast internet on the plane

Streaming films and music or accessing business data in the cloud when flying to the holiday destination or to business meetings – this is the dream of passengers as well as airlines. So far, however, fast internet on the ...

dateJun 19, 2018 in Telecom
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Want to make your factory wireless? NIST can guide you

It's been called the "smart factory" and even given the lofty moniker of "the fourth industrial revolution." The manufacturing operation of the just-around-the-corner future will be one in which networked systems monitor ...

What is all the fuss about 5G?

Every decade or so, the wireless industry rolls out a new cellular communications standard that can transmit more data more quickly. Already under development is the next round, called "5G" because it's the fifth major generation ...

US Senate votes to restore 'net neutrality' rules

The US Senate voted Wednesday to restore so-called "net neutrality" rules aimed at requiring all online data to be treated equally, the latest step in a years-long battle on internet regulation.

Sprint's rough week

Sprint is having its worst week in almost four years on Wall Street after announcing another attempt at merging with rival T-Mobile.

T-Mobile, Sprint to merge: CEOs

US wireless operators Sprint and T-Mobile will form a new company and push development of a super-fast 5G network, the heads of both firms said Sunday.

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