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Text messaging to Whatsapp—early adopters and inertia

Text messaging remains an important means of electronic communication for many people requiring only the simplest connection to the cell phone network. Nevertheless, other more sophisticated tools such as Whatsapp are increasingly ...

Philippine telco to roll out Huawei-backed 5G service

The Philippines' Globe Telecom said Friday it will launch Southeast Asia's first 5G broadband service next month using Huawei technology, despite US blacklisting of the Chinese giant over cybersecurity concerns.

How 5G could democratise the telecoms industry

A new, digital revolution might be about to hit us. Autonomous cars are driving our way, cities and companies are rapidly ramping up the use of sensors—also called the Internet of Things (IoT) – and virtual and augmented ...

High-speed network for first responders raises concerns

The police chief of Alaska's largest city hurried out of the department's glass building after the ground began to shake. Phone lines jammed and even police radios were spotty after a major earthquake, but his cellphone was ...

Germany raises 6.5 bn euros from sale of 5G frequencies

Germany has raised some 6.5 billion euros ($7.3 billion) from the sale of 5G frequencies to telecoms firms, the Federal Network Agency, said Wednesday, announcing the result of a three-month auction.

A platform for Africa's mobile innovators

Sam Gikandi '05 SM '06 and Eston Kimani '05 have always believed in the potential of Africa's entrepreneurial community. Their years at MIT, beginning in 2001 when they left their home country of Kenya, only reinforced that ...

US moves to tackle scourge of 'robocalls'

"Hello? Who's calling?" For many Americans these days, the call is coming from a "bot" or automated program that seeks to trick them into giving up money or important personal data.

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