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App aims to make ride sharing easier

College students looking to share a ride for a weekend getaway, a trip home or a spring break vacation now have a new option from a Purdue University-affiliated startup.

dateFeb 13, 2019 in Software
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Finders spot Dark Mode in Android Q leak

The early Android Q build has a dark theme and it is system wide. XDA Developers picked up the leaked Android Q build with February's security patches and flashed it on a Pixel 3 XL. The results: A video showing the changes ...

dateJan 18, 2019 in Software weblog
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Update for Files by Google carries USB-OTG support

Newer adds for Files by Google are in the news. Well, that was fast, said a number of Google watchers: "Roughly a month after it picked up its new branding, Files by Google has gotten an update with some features added," ...

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