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Why people delay software updates, despite the risks

In May 2017, around a quarter of a million computers around the world running Microsoft Windows were attacked and infected with malware that would later be named "WannaCry." Victims found their computers locked and unusable, ...

Simulating the stars at exascale requires HIP solutions

As GPU architectures have become the standard for scientific computing, application teams have had to retrofit their scientific codes to run on new systems. Even teams with codes that have been re-engineered for GPUs must ...

Data-collection platform improving healthcare globally

Frontline health workers represent the lifeblood of many healthcare systems in low- and middle-income countries around the world. Often overworked and underpaid, these workers operate outside hospital settings to meet the ...

Google Authenticator app susceptible to malware attacks

New research indicates the Google Authenticator app on Android devices is vulnerable to a form of malware known as Cerberus. According to financial cyber security specialist ThreatFabric, this banking Trojan can steal one-time ...

New app takes you out of the picture

In a social media era where one can be "ghosted" or "canceled" at the tap of a key, it should come as no surprise that we can now be simply "erased." Call it: the "un-selfie."

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Cell & Microbiology
Researchers make first direct measurement of the physical force of invading cancer cells
Earth Sciences
Science looks to wildfires to find missing source of carbonyl sulfide, link to plants' carbon uptake
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Skyrmion 'whirls' show promise for low-energy computer circuitry
Astronomers observe high-redshift quasar PSO J006.1240+39.2219 with Subaru telescope
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Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power
Geopolymer concrete: Building moon bases with astronaut urine and regolith
Free-floating stars in the Milky Way's bulge
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Physicists develop new photon source for tap-proof communication
Researchers discover a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease
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Where lions roam: West African big cats show no preference between national parks, hunting zones
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Planetary defenders validate asteroid deflection code
ALMA resolves gas impacted by young jets from supermassive black hole
Molecular & Computational biology
Free range mitochondria are coming for you
Optics & Photonics
Scientists find a way to extract color from black
Cell & Microbiology
Scientists identify microbe that could help degrade polyurethane-based plastics
Scientists predict the size of plastics animals can eat
General Physics
Reconfigurable structure and tunable transport in synchronized active spinner materials
Quantum Physics
Quantum copycat: Researchers find a new way in which bosons behave like fermions
Double-walled nanotubes have electro-optical advantages
Quantum Physics
Optimizing efficiency of quantum circuits