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Video game 'Death Stranding' bids to rekindle hope

In a world fractured by political populism and divisive voices on social media, can a video game build bridges to harmony? The Japanese auteur behind "Death Stranding" hopes so.

Virtual reality: game-changing revolution in eSports

Encased in headsets and carrying electronic replicas of weapons in their hands, the players prowl around the arena, ducking behind virtual obstacles before emerging to shoot at the enemy.

Spotify launches standalone music app for kids

Spotify wants to hook your kids on music at an early age. And the Swedish company is doing so by launching a tailored Spotify Kids app on Wednesday, initially in beta and only in Ireland. Though make no mistake, Spotify has ...

How do you navigate: Google Maps or Waze?

It's always been a wonder why Google has two fantastic navigation apps under one umbrella. What does Google get from people going to Waze? Shouldn't they all just be at Google Maps?

Multiplayer bouncing exercise brings extra motivation

Computer-game augmented trampolines motivate people to exercise, according to a new study presented at the CHI PLAY conference. The study was carried out by researchers in Professor Perttu Hämäläinen's group at Aalto University ...

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