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Creative coding in design

In the recently completed project Residence X, the researchers involved wanted to investigate opportunities in clothing and fashion design to use creative coding.

New tool detects unsafe security practices in Android apps

Computer scientists at Columbia Engineering have shown for the first time that it is possible to analyze how thousands of Android apps use cryptography without needing to have the apps' actual codes. The team's new tool, ...

Google team reveals zero-day Windows exploit

Google reported a new zero-day vulnerability in Windows Friday that allows for privilege escalation and sometimes resulted in a crash. The vulnerability is a buffer overflow type in a driver found in Windows versions 7 and ...

Motorists' smartphones may help keep highways safe

Motorists with smartphones could help highway chiefs maintain road quality by sending "crowdsourced" data from their mobiles that would allow engineers to assess when carriageway repairs are needed, according to a new study.

Nonprofit app aims to help unblock global air travel

A nonprofit foundation is testing a smartphone app that could make it easier for international airline passengers to securely show they've complied with COVID-19 testing requirements. It's an attempt to help get people back ...

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