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i.play Offers Video Game-like Playground Equipment

For children of today’s generation, swings and slides don’t seem to cut it anymore—not when you have an Xbox and Playstation in your living room. In an attempt to curb the rising childhood obesity rates partially associated ...

dateSep 20, 2007 in Other weblog
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Insects inspire robotics research

Insects are proving invaluable for one researcher at the University of Alberta, who hopes robots can perform the same types of tasks that ants or bees do.

dateAug 21, 2006 in Other
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JitterBugs could turn your keyboard against you

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science warn against an entirely new threat to computer security: peripheral devices – such as keyboards, mice or microphones – which could ...

dateAug 07, 2006 in Other
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