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US prepares to ban laptops on flights from Europe

The U.S. is expected to broaden its ban on in-flight laptops and tablets to include planes from the European Union, a move that would create logistical chaos on the world's busiest corridor of air travel.

dateMay 12, 2017 in Other
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Latvian daredevil in 'drone-diving' world first

A Latvian tech company is claiming a world first after successfully test-flying a super-powered drone which lifted a daredevil skydiver aloft, from where he parachuted safely back down to earth.

dateMay 12, 2017 in Other
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Techno-infused opera about Steve Jobs gets new backers

A techno-infused opera about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has earned the financial backing of opera companies in San Francisco and Seattle, ensuring the musical meditation on the iconic entrepreneur will travel ...

dateMay 09, 2017 in Other
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