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'Don't drink and drone,' say Japanese MPs

People in Japan operating drones under the influence could face up to a year in prison under new laws passed Thursday that aim to control the increasingly popular devices.

Pilots sleeping in the cockpit could improve airline safety

Airline pilots are often exhausted. An extreme example happened in 2008, when a pilot and a co-pilot both fell asleep at the controls, missing their landing in Hawaii—earning pilot's license suspensions as well as getting ...

Connected champagne putting a cork in bogus bubbly

Champagne is now connected: Thanks to tracking technology, champagne houses now have tools to better guard against fraud while gaining a new channel to interact with their customers.

Regulators ponder: When can Boeing's 737 MAX fly again?

Two months after Boeing's popular 737 MAX aircraft was grounded worldwide following two deadly crashes, civil aviation authorities gathered Thursday in Texas to consider a burning question: When will the top-selling jet fly ...

Will FAA's plan for 737 MAX fly outside US?

Getting Boeing's top-selling 737 MAX back in the skies faces a critical test this week as the company and US regulators each seek to restore their reputations after two deadly crashes.

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