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Artificial intelligence for optimized mobile communication

While many European states are currently setting up the 5th generation of mobile communication, scientists are already working on its optimization. Although 5G is far superior to its predecessors, even the latest mobile communication ...

Using machine learning to estimate COVID-19's seasonal cycle

One of the many unanswered scientific questions about COVID-19 is whether it is seasonal like the flu—waning in warm summer months then resurging in the fall and winter. Now scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ...

IBM sees AI benefits in phase-change memory

In a development that holds promise of more sophisticated programming of mobile devices, drones and robots that rely on artificial intelligence, IBM researchers say they have devised a programming approach that achieves greater ...

Researcher examines if AIs have a mind of their own

Most people encounter artificial intelligence (AI) every day in their personal and professional lives. Without giving it a second thought, people ask Alexa to add soda to a shopping list, drive with Google Maps and add filters ...

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