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Report from AI watchdogs rips emotion tech

The opinion that affect recognition should be banned from important decisions sounds like an angry cry...but what does it all mean? Talk is heating up, actually, about artificial intelligence's impact on our daily lives in ...

IQ test for artificial intelligence systems

Washington State University researchers are creating the first-ever "IQ test" for artificial intelligence (AI) systems that would score systems on how well they learn and adapt to new, unknown environments.

Neural network for elderly care could save millions

If healthcare providers could accurately predict how their services would be used, they could save large sums of money by not having to allocate funds unnecessarily. Deep learning artificial intelligence models can be good ...

Finding ground truth in social media

Is it possible to extract "journalistic" as opposed to "general" commentary from social media? Writing in the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing, a team from Portugal describes an approach to human and automatic ...

Differences between deep neural networks and human perception

When your mother calls your name, you know it's her voice—no matter the volume, even over a poor cell phone connection. And when you see her face, you know it's hers—if she is far away, if the lighting is poor, or if ...

Can artificial intelligence help prevent suicides?

According to the CDC, the suicide rate for individuals 10-24 years old has increased 56% between 2007 and 2017. In comparison to the general population, more than half of people experiencing homelessness have had thoughts ...

Researchers call for harnessing, regulation of AI

Artificial intelligence appears to be "widening inequality," and its deployment should be subject to tough regulations and limits, especially for sensitive technologies such as facial recognition, a research report said Thursday.

Financial markets embrace brave new world of AI

Artificial Intelligence has spread rapidly across markets in recent years as traders constantly strive to gain the upper hand, while regulators have given a guarded welcome to the cutting-edge technology.

Deep learning helps tease out gene interactions

Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists have taken a deep learning method that has revolutionized face recognition and other image-based applications in recent years and redirected its power to explore the relationship ...

MIT CSAIL: Revealing hidden video from shadows

A team of researchers showed they can recover a video of motion taking place in a hidden scene by observing changes in illumination in a nearby visible region. They looked at the indirect effect on shadows and shading in ...

Researchers report breakthrough in 'distributed deep learning'

Online shoppers typically string together a few words to search for the product they want, but in a world with millions of products and shoppers, the task of matching those unspecific words to the right product is one of ...

Advanced technology may indicate how brain learns faces

Facial recognition technology has advanced swiftly in the last five years. As University of Texas at Dallas researchers try to determine how computers have gotten as good as people at the task, they are also shedding light ...

Hanabi: Facebook AI steps up to cooperative gameplay

The card game Hanabi has been taken on as a challenge by Facebook's AI, and it is quite a challenge considering they are entering a realm where playing is not just a question of one opponent beating another, but a "cooperative" ...

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