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Australia unveils law forcing tech giants to pay for news

Australia unveiled a draft law Friday to force Google and Facebook to pay news media for their content or face huge fines in one of the most aggressive moves by any government to curb the power of the US digital giants.

Turkey tightens grip on social media with new law

Turkey's parliament on Wednesday passed a controversial bill giving the government greater control of social media and criticised by human rights advocates as an attempt to increase online censorship.

COVID-19 is transforming how companies use digital technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home, making workers and corporations alike more dependent on the digital technology that has long enabled them to handle both personal and professional tasks ...

Facebook bots to combat bad behavior

As the world's largest social network, Facebook provides endless hours of discussion, entertainment, news, videos and just good times for the more than 2.6 billion of its users.

TikTok launches $200 mn 'creator fund'

TikTok unveiled plans for a $200 million "creator fund" to add content from emerging social media personalities to the fast-growing video-sharing app.

A rapid-response chatbot to address freshmen queries

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has rolled out a new virtual assistant powered by Google Cloud to help some 6,000 incoming freshmen transition to university life on the NTU Smart Campus.

How to solve California's digital divide

The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare all manner of social issues and disparities, from child care accessibility to the weaknesses of an underfunded public health system.

Twitter takes down QAnon conspiracy theorist accounts

Twitter has removed more than 7,000 accounts linked to the "QAnon" movement over abuse and harassment concerns, saying Tuesday it will limit the spread of conspiracy theories by its supporters.

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