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EU says data privacy deal with US can be improved

The European Union says that the one-year-old rules governing data transfers with the U.S. are working well but that some improvements can still be made to the system to guarantee EU citizens' privacy protection.

dateOct 18, 2017 in Internet
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AOL Instant Messenger to sign off

AOL Instant Messenger, one of the pioneering chat applications of the internet's early days, will be shut down December 15, the company said Friday.

Twitter banks on sport fans' passion

Twitter is exploring new ways to engage sports fans, tapping into their passion as it fights its corner in the cutthroat world of social media.

European court asked to rule on Facebook data transfers

The European Court of Justice has been asked to consider whether Facebook's Dublin-based subsidiary can legally transfer users' personal data to its U.S. parent, after Ireland's top court said Tuesday that there are "well-founded ...

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