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Energy & Green Tech news

Liquid-metal, high-voltage flow battery

A new combination of materials developed by Stanford researchers may aid in developing a rechargeable battery able to store the large amounts of renewable power created through wind or solar sources. With further development, ...

dateJul 19, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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Cooling buildings worldwide

About 40 percent of all the energy consumed by buildings worldwide is used for space heating and cooling. With the warming climate as well as growing populations and rising standards of living—especially in hot, humid regions ...

dateJul 12, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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Sweating for a cooler Singapore

Students from the Institute of Landscape Architecture are planning some natural ways to cool the heat-afflicted metropolis of Singapore. Their testing ground is a disused railway line reclaimed by nature and converted into ...

New superconductor technology for the transmission grid

The German energy transition makes it necessary to extend the transmission grid. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), together with the grid operator TenneT, now studies the use of superconductor technology as an alternative ...

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