Machines that learn like people

Object-recognition systems are beginning to get pretty good—and in the case of Facebook's face-recognition algorithms, frighteningly good.

Bee strategy helps servers run more sweetly

Honeybees somehow manage to efficiently collect a lot of nectar with limited resources and no central command — after all, the queen bee is too busy laying eggs to oversee something as mundane as where the best nectar ...

Deep learning comes full circle

For years, the people developing artificial intelligence drew inspiration from what was known about the human brain, and it has enjoyed a lot of success as a result. Now, AI is starting to return the favor.

Researchers crack unassailable encryption algorithm in two hours

( —A protocol based on "discrete logarithms", deemed as one of the candidates for the Internet's future security systems, was decrypted by EPFL researchers. Allegedly tamper-proof, it could only stand up to the ...

Analysis shows 'Super Mario Brothers' is harder than NP-hard

Completing a game of "Super Mario Brothers" can be hard—very, very hard. That's the conclusion of a new paper from researchers at MIT, the University of Ottawa, and Bard College at Simon's Rock. They show that the problem ...

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