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Mass tax trickery cost Europe 55 bln euros: report

Two closely-related tax schemes have helped banks and investors avoid tax or even syphon cash directly out of European treasuries totalling billions more than previously thought, an investigation by 19 media revealed Thursday.

dateOct 18, 2018 in Business
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Warsaw taxis hold anti-Uber go slow

Hundreds of taxis on Thursday drove at a snail's pace across the Polish capital Warsaw in protest at the ride-sharing app Uber and other unlicenced competitors.

dateOct 18, 2018 in Business
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Can Pinterest succeed as the 'un'-social network?

If Instagram is the dream vacation you'll never go on and Facebook is Thanksgiving with too many relatives arguing over politics, Pinterest is sitting on the couch by yourself, watching a home-improvement show and absent-mindedly ...

dateOct 16, 2018 in Business
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Audi to pay mega fine in VW's latest dieselgate fallout

Auto giant Volkswagen cleared a new hurdle in its "dieselgate" scandal Tuesday, paying a hefty fine to close a German investigation into subsidiary Audi, but the group is not yet in the clear over its years of emissions cheating.

Profits up 10% at India's Infosys

India's second-largest software services exporter Infosys reported a 10.3-percent rise in quarterly profits on Tuesday, beating estimates thanks to a slew of major new deals.

GE pushes back Q3 earnings release to October 30

General Electric, the once-mighty conglomerate which weeks ago announced a new chief executive in a move meant to stem a two-year decline, has said it will move the date of its third-quarter earnings release to October 30.

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