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Boeing splits CEO, chairman role amid MAX crisis

Boeing unveiled a shift to its leadership structure on Friday as it manages the 737 MAX crisis, announcing that Dennis Muilenburg will remain chief executive but step down as chairman.

United Airlines pushes MAX flights back to 2020

United Airlines on Friday again pushed back the timeframe for resuming service on the Boeing 737 MAX, which still needs to be recertified by regulators after two deadly crashes.

Profits dip at India's Infosys

India's second-largest IT outsourcing firm Infosys on Friday reported a 2.2-percent dip in quarterly net profits, hit by slowing demand for its software services in Western markets.

Indonesia's Lion air set to list shares

Indonesia's Lion Air is set to launch an initial public offering, according to a company spokesman, in a listing that could reportedly raise up to $1.0-billion—one of the country's biggest-ever share sales.

James Murdoch takes stake in Vice Media: report

James Murdoch, one of the sons of mogul Rupert Murdoch, has taken a minority stake in the fast-growing millennial-focused Vice Media, the Financial Times reported Thursday.

Google yanks Hong Kong protester role-playing app

Google on Thursday removed from its online marketplace a mobile game that let people play as a Hong Kong protester, saying it violated a policy against cashing in on conflicts.

End of the road: Dyson quits race to make electric cars

British inventor James Dyson has dropped out of the race to produce electric cars in the face of stiff competition and after criticism of the Brexit-backing billionaire's decision to build the vehicle in Singapore.

Auto suppliers hit as GM strike in US grinds on

As the General Motors strike grinds on, more auto suppliers and contractors are sending workers home, adding to the economic drag on Michigan and other US midwestern car manufacturing hubs.

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