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UK government says it hasn't decided yet on Huawei 5G role

The British government has not yet decided whether to allow China's Huawei to supply parts for the U.K.'s new 5G wireless network, Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said Thursday, as he condemned leaks from private government ...

Nokia sees tough competition in market for 5G networks

Telecoms gear maker Nokia reported Thursday a surprise first-quarter loss amid tougher competition for the new, superfast wireless 5G networks that are expected to increase in business this year.

SK Hynix profits slump 69% in first quarter

South Korea's SK Hynix, the world's second-largest memory chip maker, saw operating profits plunge more than two-thirds in the first quarter in the face of lower prices, it said Thursday.

Walmart experiments with AI to monitor stores in real time

Who's minding the store? In the not-too-distant future it could be cameras and sensors that can tell almost instantly when bruised bananas need to be swapped for fresh ones and more cash registers need to open before lines ...

Tesla hit with big loss as car deliveries sputter

Electric carmaker Tesla on Wednesday announced a heavy loss in the first quarter as car deliveries sputtered overseas and a US tax credit that made its prices more attractive was reduced.

Possible $5B Facebook fine echoes European tech penalties

The possibility of a $5 billion federal privacy fine for Facebook suggests that U.S. regulators may be taking a cue from the large penalties their European counterparts have been handing out to U.S. technology giants.

Privacy fine set-aside dents Facebook's profit

Facebook said Wednesday its profit took a hit from setting aside billions of dollars for an anticipated fine from US regulators, in a quarterly report that sent shares higher.

Foxconn says it's looking for 'flexibility' with Wisconsin

Foxconn Technology Group insists it remains committed to a $10 billion project in Wisconsin that employs up to 13,000 people, while saying it is also looking for "flexibility" in the deal struck with much fanfare in 2017 ...

Boeing says suffering $1 bn hit from 737 MAX crisis

Aviation giant Boeing has suffered a $1 billion hit to its bottom line amid the crisis over its 737 MAX aircraft, grounded worldwide after two deadly crashes, the company said Wednesday.

Netflix spared as Academy keeps Oscars rule unchanged

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Tuesday voted to not change its rule for a film's Oscars eligibility, sparing Netflix after months of pressure to exclude the streaming titan.

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