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The motivation for sustainable aviation fuels

Global air travel consumes more than 100 billion gallons of jet fuel annually. That's expected to more than double by 2025 to 230 billion gallons. Despite the current pandemic, these projections reflect future anticipated ...

GM: New batteries cut electric car costs, increase range

General Motors says a pending breakthrough in battery chemistry will cut the price of its electric vehicles so they equal those powered by gasoline within five years. The technology also will increase the range per charge ...

European car sales swerve lower

European car sales swerved lower again in October, industry data showed Wednesday, as countries began to tighten restrictions on businesses to battle the spread of coronavirus infections.

FlyingCab acceptance study: When taxis conquer the skies

Fraunhofer IAO and Volocopter GmbH have joined forces in the FlyingCab acceptance study to analyze user opinion regarding flying taxis, which, among other things, will make transportation more individual and flexible. But ...

Nissan trims losses in Q2, upgrades forecasts

Crisis-hit Japanese automaker Nissan said Thursday it trimmed net loss in the second quarter, though it remained in the red, and upgraded its full-year forecasts as the global auto industry showed signs of recovery from the ...

Central Florida lands hub for Jetsons-like 'flying cars'

The nation's first regional hub for "flying cars" is being built in central Florida and once completed in five years, the vehicles will be able to take passengers from Orlando to Tampa in a half hour, officials said Wednesday.

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