1.5C of warming is too hot for a just world: study

Curbing global heating at 1.5 degrees Celsius will avert runaway climate change but not mass suffering in developing nations, a consortium of 50 researchers warned Wednesday.

Why Dungeons and Dragons is good for the workplace

A team of adventurers traverse a dungeon to defeat a mighty dragon and, through their victory, save the realm. Meanwhile, a design team skillfully adapts its product to evolving customer demands through a global pandemic—saving ...

Conspiracy theories on '15-minute cities' flourish

Urban planners are fending off abuse fuelled by conspiracy theories about their "15-minute city" regeneration projects which suspicious social media users claim are the road to "climate lockdowns".

Policy levers that can push decarbonisation into overdrive

Government measures to boost electric vehicle sales, the share of green ammonia in fertilizer, and public purchasing of plant proteins could help shift the decarbonisation of the global economy into high gear, researchers ...

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