Well, actually: Mansplaining is a problem in the workplace

Since the term "mansplaining" has entered the cultural zeitgeist as a social media phenomenon and hashtag, its popularity and usage has only skyrocketed. In just six months between November 2016 and April 2017, for example, ...

Study highlights 'vicious cycle' of workplace incivility

Workplace incivility is on the rise and a new Portland State University study found that employees who experience or witness incivilites are more likely to be uncivil to others, a worrying trend that could intensify as people ...

Is workplace rudeness on the rise?

You don't have to look hard to see uncivil behavior these days, whether in political discourse, in college classrooms or on airplanes. One study found that rudeness is even contagious, like the common cold.

In the workplace, incivility begets incivility, new study shows

Incivil behaviors at work—put-downs, sarcasm and other condescending comments—tend to have a contagious effect, according to a new study by a management professor at the University of Arkansas and several colleagues.

How incivility spreads in the workplace

Condescending comments, put-downs and sarcasm have become commonplace in the politically charged workplace, and a new study co-authored by a Michigan State University business scholar shows how this incivility may be spreading.

Rudeness at work is contagious

Workplace incivility should be treated with the utmost seriousness. This is the finding of three psychologists at Lund University in Sweden who surveyed nearly 6 000 people on the social climate in the workplace. Their studies ...

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