Research offers insight into AI protections for workers

As artificial intelligence takes on a larger role in monitoring employees and automating management decisions, Virginia Doellgast offers examples from Germany and Norway showing how worker representatives have been able to ...

What do London employers really think about hybrid working?

The long-anticipated return to the London office is underway—but this does not mean a return to the traditional office-based working culture. Working practices are now predominantly characterized by a hybrid approach, and ...

How did abuse get baked into the restaurant industry?

When the The New York Times and The Boston Globe recently published exposés in which employees of award-winning chef Barbara Lynch described their abusive work environments, we weren't surprised.

Defuse anger in the workplace with humor, expert says

Whether it is pressing deadlines, overwork, or employees feeling they are not being supported, anger in a work environment can be unavoidable. Over time, the anger and frustration can compound, causing anger to spread through ...

Unsupportive workplaces forcing women out of STEM careers

Women pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math are still fighting an uphill battle in Australian workplaces, despite a spike in girls studying STEM subjects in schools and universities.

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