Making the 'human-body internet' more effective

Wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have made remote connectivity easier, and as electronics become smaller and faster, the adoption of "wearables" has increased. From smart watches to implantables, such devices ...

Cars racing to become 'mobile phones on wheels'

The car of the future will let you pay for petrol or parking directly from your vehicle and receive traffic alerts and restaurant recommendations from your onboard digital assistant.

Ireland loses lucrative tech conference to Portugal

The Web Summit, one of Europe's leading tech conferences will move to Lisbon from Dublin next year, organisers said Wednesday, in a multi-million-euro blow to the Irish economy.

Tesla courts hackers to defend high-tech cars

Hackers swarmed a Tesla sedan in a 'hacking village' at the infamous Def Con conference on Saturday as the high-tech electric car maker recruited talent to protect against cyber attacks.

Amazon launches virtual assistant speaker to public

Amazon said Tuesday its Echo personal assistant speaker aimed at integrating with smart home devices was on sale to the public after seven months of tests on an invitation-only basis.

Google wireless phone service challenges major carriers

Google is trying to shake up the wireless phone industry with a low-priced service designed to pressure major carriers into making it more affordable for people to get online and use Google's services.

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