Scientists generate realistic storm turbulence in the laboratory

Turbulence is an omnipresent phenomenon—and one of the great mysteries of physics. A research team from the University of Oldenburg in Germany has now succeeded in generating realistic storm turbulence in the wind tunnel ...

Facing new fire threat, crews deploy to Northern California

Fire crews from across the state were being deployed to Northern California, where hot, windy conditions Wednesday renewed fire threats in the region where massive blazes already have destroyed hundreds of homes and killed ...

Philippines' Typhoon Phanfone toll jumps to 28

The death toll from Typhoon Phanfone's battering of the Philippines on Christmas Day has risen to 28, and will likely climb further, authorities said on Friday.

More fires and evacuations in weary California

Californian firefighters tackled fresh and fast-moving wildfires overnight Thursday, making headway against a number of major blazes that have forced mass evacuations and power cuts.

Firefighters battle new blazes in California

Firefighters battled new wildfires on Thursday in California including a fierce blaze in the city of San Bernardino that forced some residents to flee their homes overnight.

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