Previously unknown methane sources identified in Hamburg

After carbon dioxide, methane is the second most common greenhouse gas caused by human activity. Moreover, over a 20-year period, its global warming potential is more than 80 times that of carbon dioxide. The largest known ...

Smoke from Canadian wildfires detected in Norway

Smoke from Canadian wildfires has been detected thousands of kilometers away in Norway this week, the Scandinavian country's Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU said on Friday.

How insects track odors by navigating microscale winds

How do flying insects like important pollinators locate odor sources in the great outdoors, despite encountering highly variable wind conditions? They use odor plumes—which travel like smoke and form when the wind blows ...

Hi-tech is making the seas transparent

Researchers at James Cook University who paired a revolutionary method for detecting fish with freely available ecological data believe the technique could transform environmental science.

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