Rare wetland plant found in Arizona now listed as endangered

A rare plant that depends on wetlands for survival is now on the federal endangered species list, a designation that environmentalists say will boost efforts to protect the last free-flowing river in the desert Southwest.

Floods, new mystery disease impact starving marine turtles

University of the Sunshine Coast researchers and wildlife rescuers have joined forces as they deal with a large increase in stranded, sick, and deceased marine turtles from recent floods and the discovery of a mystery disorder ...

Canada lynx protections deal sealed by US, environmentalists

U.S. wildlife officials have agreed to craft a new habitat plan for the snow-loving Canada lynx that could include more land in Colorado and other western states where the rare animals would be protected, according to a legal ...

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Wildlife Services

Wildlife Services is an agency with the U.S.'s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, which is itself part of the United States Department of Agriculture. Wildlife Services is charged with protecting agriculture, property, human health and safety, and natural resources from damage or threats posed by wildlife.

Wildlife Services was formerly known (until 1997) as "Animal Damage Control (ADC)".

According to a USDA website, Wildlife Services "provides Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts and create a balance that allows people and wildlife to coexist peacefully."

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