Berlin fair a dreamland for wannabe sandmen of 'sleep tech'

As people in developed nations increasingly obsess over the quality of their 40 winks, technology companies are cashing in with so-called "sleep tech"—gadgets to stop wearers snoring or collect data on their sleep cycles.

There is gold in big data, but there are not enough gold miners

The promise of big data has been on the horizon of the field of social sciences for years, but so far nobody has been able to deliver on this promise. In his inaugural lecture on 22 March, Professor and research methodologist ...

Plant genes may lack off switch, but have volume control

Scientists at the University of California, Davis have discovered that DNA sequences thought to be essential for gene activity can be expendable. Sequences once called junk sometimes call the shots instead.

Sonata in LHCb: The sound of antimatter (w/ Video)

In a recent paper the LHCb collaboration at CERN observed two particles changing from matter into antimatter and back again. Now the collaboration has turned that data into sound, so that you can listen to the music of antimatter.