Baby stars, dancing galaxies: NASA shows new cosmic views

A sparkling landscape of baby stars. A foamy blue and orange view of a dying star. Five galaxies in a cosmic dance. The splendors of the universe glowed in a new batch of images released Tuesday from NASA's powerful new telescope.

Quantum circuit black hole lasers to explore Hawking radiation

The fundamental forces of physics govern the matter comprising the universe, yet exactly how these forces work together is still not fully understood. The existence of Hawking radiation—the particle emission from near black ...

Black hole size revealed by its eating pattern

The feeding patterns of black holes offer insight into their size, researchers report. A new study revealed that the flickering in the brightness observed in actively feeding supermassive black holes is related to their mass.

Rocket team to discern if our star count should go way up

The universe contains a mind-boggling number of stars—but scientists' best estimates may be an undercount. A NASA-funded sounding rocket is launching with an improved instrument to look for evidence of extra stars that ...

Zooming in on the origins of fast radio bursts

Astronomers have peered into the home galaxies of fast radio bursts, ruling out supermassive black holes as a cause and bringing us a step closer to understanding the origins of these mysterious signals from outer space.

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