Weeds grow at London's Chelsea Flower Show

Nettles, dandelions, brambles: weeds—once considered a scourge—are taking pride of place at London's Chelsea Flower Show as gardeners concern themselves more than ever with biodiversity and sustainable development.

Weeds: The good, the bad, and the sometimes beautiful

Spring is here and many fields of crops are dotted with red poppies. Farmers know that this is not a good sign, even if hundreds of people show up, mobile phones in hand, in search of the best photograph.

Biocontrol solution for sustainable management of aquatic weed

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, and one of the nation's largest water companies Seqwater, are using a tiny defender—a weevil smaller than a grain of rice—to help stop an exotic weed spreading through Australia's ...

Trees can be weeds as well: Here's why that's a problem

When we think of weeds, often what comes to mind are small, quick-growing plants such as the dandelions or couch grass we might find in our gardens. You may not think of trees as being weedy.

Juicy research unearths new genome within the tomato family

Hidden beneath the delicate, red skin and juicy flesh of a tomato is a wealth of nutrients and genetic makeup. With recent research on the first genome of a species in the tomatillo tribe (part of the tomato family), we now ...

Rare plants attract rare bees and birds in urban gardens

Urban gardens can be hotspots for biodiversity in cities, but little is known about what drives the biodiversity of species existing at the smallest frequencies, or rare biodiversity. Rare plant species in urban gardens attract ...

Timing is everything for weed management

Farmers can tailor their efforts to control weeds more effectively by pinpointing when a particular weed will emerge, according to a new Cornell University study.

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