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Plasmonic device converts light into electricity

( -- While the most common device for converting light into electricity may be photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, a variety of other devices can perform the same light-to-electricity conversion, such as solar-thermal ...

New way to funnel light could have infrared applications

( -- Taking light control to a new level, scientists have proposed a technique for confining light into an area just 1/500th the size of the light's wavelength. Since funneling light through such tiny spaces enhances ...

Team of astronomers discovers galaxy that shouldn't exist

A team of astronomers, led by Arizona State University Assistant Research Scientist Tim Carleton, has discovered a dwarf galaxy that appeared in James Webb Space Telescope imaging that wasn't the primary observation target.

Astronomers discover a luminous nuclear transient

Using NASA's Swift spacecraft, an international team of astronomers has discovered a luminous and slowly-evolving nuclear transient event. The origin of the newly detected transient, designated Swift J221951-484240, is yet ...

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