Physicists take step toward fault-tolerant quantum computing

Some classical computers have error correction built into their memories based on bits; quantum computers, to be workable in the future, will need error correction mechanisms, too, based on the vastly more sensitive qubits.

Is there a multiverse?

Interest in the multiverse theory, suggesting that our universe is just one of many, spiked following the release of the movie "Everything Everywhere All At Once." The film follows Evelyn Wang on her journey to connect with ...

The quantum twisting microscope: A new lens on quantum materials

One of the striking aspects of the quantum world is that a particle, say, an electron, is also a wave, meaning that it exists in many places at the same time. In a new study, reported today in Nature, researchers from the ...

Finding superconductivity in nickelates

The study of superconductivity is littered with disappointments, dead ends, and serendipitous discoveries, according to Antia Botana, professor of physics at Arizona State University.

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