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Carpe solis – sunbathing fish defy the laws of nature

That sunbathing may require a refreshing swim to avoid overheating is a vacation experience shared by many. It has been assumed that this cooling effect of water prevents fish from reaping the rewards of sunbathing available ...

dateJun 01, 2018 in Ecology
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Are water voles at risk from development?

Professor David Macdonald and Dr. Merryl Gelling of Oxford's Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) discuss recent work which questions the efficacy of the mitigation technique and looks at ways to better protect one ...

dateMay 31, 2018 in Ecology
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How many people can China feed?

Tiziana Smith has had her mind on water for years. The San Antonio native learned about the importance of preserving the city's water resources in grade school—and has used that knowledge as a springboard into her research ...

dateMay 31, 2018 in Environment
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Comparing the chemistry of water isomers

Water molecules exist in two different forms with almost identical physical properties. For the first time, researchers have succeeded in separating the two forms to show that they can exhibit different chemical reactivities. ...

dateMay 29, 2018 in Materials Science
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