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Physicist reveals new hydrology model

Allen Hunt, Ph.D., professor of physics at Wright State University, published a new co-authored paper, "Predicting Streamflow Elasticity Based on Percolation Theory and Ecological Optimality," in the journal AGU Advances.

Q&A: The ongoing marine heat waves in US waters explained

NOAA scientists have tracked a steady climb in ocean temperatures since April 2023, which is causing unprecedented heat stress conditions in the Caribbean Basin, including waters surrounding Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Why are so many climate records breaking all at once?

In the past few weeks, climate records have shattered across the globe. July 4 was the hottest global average day on record, breaking the new record set the previous day. Average sea surface temperatures have been the highest ...

Water temperature found to not impact blue-green algae blooms

Even if most cyanobacteria blooms in Canada's lakes happen during the hottest periods of summer, water temperature seems to have little to no impact on the development of these potentially toxic bacteria better known as blue-green ...

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