A solar 'radio eclipse' ring of fire

On October 14, as most Californians were treated to a partial solar eclipse, researchers at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory (OVRO) took in a different view.

Euclid space telescope to shed light on the darkness

On 1 July, the Euclid space telescope will start its journey into outer space on an important mission—to seek further clues about the origin of the universe. UZH researchers are involved in the scientific preparation and ...

Supernova remnant Cassiopeia A gets the JWST treatment

Ready for another stunning image from JWST? How about a peek inside a supernova remnant? Not just any stellar debris, but a highly detailed view of the leftovers from the explosion that created Cassiopeia A. The latest image ...

NASA reveals Webb telescope's first cosmic targets

NASA said Friday the first cosmic images from the James Webb Space Telescope will include unprecedented views of distant galaxies, bright nebulae, and a faraway giant gas planet.

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