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Cleaving through the heart of viral infections

A novel CRISPR/Cas system that can efficiently attack and destroy several prolific plant viruses has been developed by KAUST using tobacco plants and is now being extended to rice and other crops.

Researchers identify new 'universal' target for antiviral treatment

As the coronavirus outbreak shows, viruses are a constant threat to humanity. Vaccines are regularly developed and deployed against specific viruses, but that process takes a lot of time, doesn't help everyone who needs protection, ...

Viruses reprogram cells into different virocells

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, so the adage goes, it must be a duck. But if the duck gets infected by a virus so that it no longer looks or quacks like one, is it still a duck? For a team led by researchers ...

First robust cell culture model for the hepatitis E virus

Even though hepatitis E causes over 3 million infections and about 70,000 deaths each year, the virus has been little studied. Now, a research team from Bochum and Hanover has developed a robust cell model of the pathogen. ...

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