How words acquire their meaning

Researchers in EPFL's College of Humanities have used machine learning to reveal how humans bridge the often-significant gaps between signal and meaning in communication.

Interactive quantum chemistry in virtual reality

Scientists from the University of Bristol's Intangible Realities Laboratory (IRL) and ETH Zurich have used virtual reality and artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the details of chemical change.

Preservation for the (digital) ages

When Deborah Beck was preparing her book, Speech Presentation in Homeric Epic, her publisher suggested she make the database she had started in 2008—a searchable catalogue of features from every speech in the Homeric poems—available ...

Hacking cybersecurity to anticipate attacks

Imagine two groups at war. One defends every attack as it comes. The other anticipates threats before they happen. Which is more likely to win?

Cloud-based resource to support microbiology data sharing

The third week of July 2016 saw the launch of the UK's Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics (CLIMB)— probably the largest dedicated microbial bioinformatics resource in the world. CLIMB is a collaboration between ...

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