Justice system chips away at women's rights

Arrests of women increased dramatically in the past two decades, while domestic abuse laws meant to protect female victims have put many behind bars for defending themselves, a new paper argues.

Verbal abuse in the workplace: Are men or women most at risk?

There is no significant difference in the prevalence of verbal abuse in the workplace between men and women, according to a systematic review of the literature conducted by researchers at the Institut universitaire de santé ...

Women's widespread inequality and rape as a weapon of war

Women are more likely to experience mass rape and sexual torture in armed conflicts around the world, as a deliberate strategy to humiliate, intimidate and dominate them and their 'enemy' community.

Facebook is pulling ads from racy, violent pages

Facebook is pulling ads from pages that contain violence or sexual content. The social network said that on Monday, it will expand its definition of pages and groups that are too controversial to carry advertisements.

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